Project Type: Mechanical, Public Health Services
Contractor: Atelier de France
Client: Private Client
Value: £2.3 Million

Project Scope

This project involved a mechanical installation with materials of the highest quality and a finish to the highest standards. The property was a prestige single residence spread over five floors.

The development included a basement excavation which would house a dedicated plant room to service the property.

The works included:

Low pressure hot water heating to serve the underfloor heating, air handling units and domestic hot water cylinder Mains water installation Building management control system
VRF cooling system providing refrigerant cooling and heating capability to the internal room units and the air handling units Supply and extract ventilation systems to all principal rooms Above ground drainage serving all sanitary appliances
Dedicated split cooling units to the AV room and electrical intake room Supply and extract ventilation systems to the bathrooms Underground drainage
Boosted mains water service to all outlets Extract ventilation systems serving the family kitchen Gas installation to boilers, DFE fire and kitchens
Softened, boosted domestic hot and cold water services to all outlets. Fireplace flue liners and gathers to principal room

The Priory Approach

A standard approach of using 2D drawings with sectional views was not practical for this project. Instead, we used 3D technology to carry out detailed surveys of each area, taking joinery and ceiling layouts into consideration. This meant the plenums could be installed in the lowest tolerances to keep service zones at a minimum. To support the high-end finish, we collaborated with the designers to create over 100 bespoke plenum boxes that would integrate seamlessly with the high-end joinery and varying ceiling and cornice details.

The 3D technology also gave our engineers the opportunity to view a range of options for spigot connections and so on. By installing grilles and diffusers in discrete shadow gaps the finish was far more polished than would have otherwise been the case.